I built this business out of my frustration at my favorite well-known store switching candle scent carriers. I tried to like them, but I couldn't smell it when I took off the top, nor would it even scent a small perimeter in my house. I thought, I paid $25 for a candle that I can barely smell when cold and hardly smell when lit. A place where I would easily spend a lot of money on these products left me frustrated. I found myself trying to scrap out the bottom of the of old candles made by the previous scent carrier and endless internet research - searching for that company to no avail. I decided, I'm going to make my own candles and won't bother shopping there for candles any longer. 

I have kept that promise. I only buy products that are quality and I can feel good having spent my money. I treat the ingredients of the products I create the same way for you. I feel you should have a wonderful experience where a scent can take you away even if you never leave your home.