Summer Rain

Summer Rain

The fastest way to make any room fresh and inviting — so you and your family will always connect this scent with being home. Just two sprays of this concentrated fragrance will instantly fill a room and hold for a while. 


    All White Oak Candle Room Sprays are made without dyes or lakes.

    White Oak Candle’s time for processing is the length of time between when an item has been ordered and when that item ships. During this time your product(s) are being made fresh for you in small batches. They are not ready immediately for shipping unless they are already in house cured. Please feel free to ask if you require a quick turn-around outside of our normal processing time.

    Depending on your order, processing time may take up to 7 days before the item is marked as "Shipped."


    Our room sprays are handmade and environmentally-friendly and include fragrance, alcohol, and distilled water.  Fragrance blends are mixed and created by White Oak Candle and are not available anywhere else!


    Spraying Instructions: Shake well to redistribute fragrance throughout the bottle. Spray in the air away from direct contact with furniture or bed linen. Do not spray animals or babies with room spray.  Keep out of the reach of children.

2 oz.